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Legal notice

Parquenasa general conditions 
1.  Identification information about the web owner
Ctra. del Yugo s/n
Postcode:  31513 Arguedas (Navarre) Tax ID number - A31737455
Registered in the Pamplona Trade Registry AGENCIA MAYORISTA-MINORISTA C.I.  NA-080
E-mail: reservas@sendaviva.com Tel. +34 948088100
2.  Introduction
This Legal Notice solely and exclusively regulates the browsing of users on this Parquenasa website (hereafter Sendaviva) and is not applicable to the contracting and/or provision of any of its products and services that are offered therein.
The products and services available for users to contract via this website are regulated by that stipulated in the respective general contracting conditions, which can be consulted by the user at any given time, both before and during the contracting process. The prior acceptance of these general conditions is an essential requirement for contracting any product or service offered by Sendaviva on its website, as you will be duly informed.
Access to this website is conditioned by the prior reading and acceptance by all users of the terms contained within this Legal Notice.
The access and later use of this website by users implies their express, full and unreserved conformity with all of the contents. This access is free of charge.  If the user does not agree with the contents of this Legal Notice, the site should be left immediately and the user will not be able to access or acquire any of the products and services offered therein.
The user claims to be a legal adult with sufficient legal capacity to adhere to that stipulated in this Legal Notice. Likewise, the user accepts expressly and without exception that the access and use of this website takes place under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility.
Access to this website is free of charge and viewing does not require any prior subscription or log-in.
Connections with other websites that may exist, as well as the usage the user may make of them, are subject to the conditions below, as well as to the specific possible conditions required by the cited websites. Any use other than that authorised is expressly prohibited. At any time considered appropriate, Sendaviva may unilaterally modify the configuration of this website, the conditions of the website service provided, provide users with a greater number of products or services to contract, reduce this number, temporarily or permanently suspend these products or services, stop providing this website service, or prevent access to services, aiming to inform users of this change whenever circumstantially possible, via publication on the website.  (All this, notwithstanding compliance with the duties taken on regarding clients that may have contracted products or services via the website).
3.  Purchasing process on www.sendaviva.com
3.1.  Sales via www.sendaviva.com.
The purchase of products and/or services via www.sendaviva.com is subject to the General Contracting Conditions pertaining to each product or service included on this website, such as, where applicable, any Private Conditions that may be established for certain products, which should be duly notified prior to the effective contracting of said products.
Users can access the general contracting conditions of each of the products and/or services offered via this website at any time during the contracting process of the product or service in question.
Both the general contracting conditions and the corresponding contracts (combined travel contract, required by applicable legislation) are drafted in Spanish.
To acquire the products and/or services offered on this website, the user does not have to be previously registered.
In any case, both for browsing on this website and contracting any of the products and services offered by Sendaviva on this website, the user must be aged over 18 years (EIGHTEEN).  If this is not the case, the site must be left immediately.
During the contracting process and with the purpose of correctly formalising reservations of products and/or services requested by the user, Sendaviva will request the user to complete the corresponding electronic form including essential personal details, following the on-screen instructions received at all times. Once the form is complete, it must be expressly accepted.
Each purchasing act will require the reading and irrevocable acceptance of the General and Private Contracting Conditions required by the different Sendaviva commercial transactions. As indicated, both during the contracting process as well as prior to the formalisation of the corresponding reservations, you may access them in order to consult anything you want.
Sendaviva reserves the right to prevent access to the website of any users that have debt or unpaid balances with Sendaviva.
3.2.  Information after the completion of the contract.
Once the purchase has been carried out and within the shortest time frame possible, always within twenty-four hours after making the purchase, Sendaviva will send the user proof of the completed contract, along with a copy of the general contracting conditions, previously expressly accepted by the user, regulating the product or service contracted as well as any additional and complementary information considered by Sendaviva to be of interest in the correct development of the aforementioned.
4.  The rights and obligations of Sendaviva
•Once the reservation of the corresponding products and/or services is formalised, Sendaviva must comply with the duties resulting from these reservations, to effectively ensure the confidentiality of communications that may exist with the user as well as to respond to any possible complaints that may be lodged.
•As the website provider that allows the contracting of products and/or services viawww.sendaviva.com, in the event of maintenance, repair, updating or website improvement operations offered on it to users, Sendaviva has the right to temporarily suspend access to this website, if necessary without warning, or to suspend the possibility for users to reserve all or some products or services for that reason, notwithstanding the aforementioned, it will aim to notify users whenever circumstances allow it.
  In any case, Sendaviva must comply with the corresponding duties resulting from the reservations made.
•The use that users may make of the services and/or data and/or information provided on this website is accountable to, and at the risk of the user.  As the service provider of a website that enables the contracting of products and/or services via www.sendaviva.com, Sendaviva ensures that the information provided about the products and/or services offered via www.sendaviva.com is correct and, once the product or service in question is contracted, will be that which governs the relationship between the parts. On the other hand, Sendaviva cannot guarantee the contents supplied, where applicable, by third parties, or guarantee the truthfulness, reliability, accuracy, opportunity or convenience of the information supplied for final use by users or other people.  Furthermore, Sendaviva declines all responsibility for the contents or information provided by other websites or third parties that may be accessed via links present on this website.
•The intellectual property rights of this website are owned by Sendaviva. The exclusive exercising of the rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation belong to the cited company.
5.  User rights and obligations
•At all times the user must use the services provided on this website legally, in accordance with applicable law, respecting the intellectual property rights of Sendaviva or third parties.  In this respect, the user guarantees that the activities developed on this website adhere to the law, morality, public order and good customs, and in no case will these activities be offensive for the good name and commercial image of Sendaviva for other web users or third parties.
•The user shall not use the services provided by Sendaviva to carry out actions that cause damage or alterations to the contents, nor impede the correct operation of the website. The user shall not cause technical problems of any kind, nor transfer elements that may be susceptible to computer viruses, or damage, interfere with or intercept all or part of this website, or intervene or alter the e-mail of other users.
•The responsibility of the user regarding the truthfulness of the information entered is exclusive. In the case that for whatever reason, false or incorrect data is provided, Sendaviva reserves the right to prohibit that user from accessing this website.
6.  Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the operation of the website

•As the provider of a web service that enables the contracting of products and/or services viawww.sendaviva.com, Sendaviva cannot guarantee the availability and continuity at all times of this website and reservation services provided to the user therein. As such, it is exempt from all responsibility for damages of any kind that may arise from a lack of availability or continuity of the website and reservation service operation provided, and from the use that users may have attributed to this website.  In any case, Sendaviva will strive to ensure this website is continuously available.
  In view of the aforementioned, as previously indicated, this solely and exclusively refers to the web service offered by Sendaviva and is not applicable to the products and/or services that the client may have acquired, nor to the duties that for that reason correspond to Sendaviva.
•Sendaviva provides personal data privacy systems for its users, which prevent third parties from accessing said data. Sendaviva has implemented all the technical and organisational security measures necessary to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the personal data provided by the user.   In this respect, Sendaviva is exempt from all responsibility for the damages caused in the event that this knowledge is revealed.
• Despite Sendaviva implementing all suitable measures to ensure security in this field, and affirming that its website is free of viruses or other similar elements, it cannot control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents on the website introduced maliciously by third parties, that may cause alterations to the user's computing system (software and hardware) or to electronic documents or files stored on his/her computing system.  Sendaviva declines any responsibility for the damages of any kind that may be caused as a result of a virus in the contents, that may produce alterations to the user's computing system, electronic documents, files, etc.
•Sendaviva has no responsibility for and does not control the usage that users make of this website, its services and contents.  In particular, this company does not guarantee that users use this website, its services and contents in accordance with these General Conditions, and where applicable, the Private Conditions applicable, nor that they do so diligently and carefully.
•The user accepts that www.sendaviva.com has been created and developed in good faith by Sendaviva, with information from internal and external sources offered to users in its current state, reflecting the reality and authenticity of the information provided on its part but not of that provided by third parties.  Therefore, the user releases Sendaviva from any responsibility regarding the reliability, usefulness or false expectations that www.sendaviva.com may have caused during his/her browsing experience, as well as any statements or opinions, where applicable, that third parties may have made regarding products and/or services offered on the website.
7.  Intellectual and industrial property
All rights regarding the contents of this website belong to Sendaviva, except for those belonging to companies with which a corresponding contact has been signed for the provision of contents, and they are protected by the national and international regulations governing intellectual and industrial property.
The design, images, maps, graphics, brands, placards, distinctive signs or Sendaviva logos, frames, banners, the software and its different codes, source and purpose, etc. of this website are owned by Sendaviva, which exclusively and legitimately possesses the usage rights of them.
Users that access this website cannot copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, surrender, sell the previously mentioned elements or create new products or services based on the information obtained therein.
Authorisation is only given to users for viewing and loading for personal use, and not commercial use, and cannot be extended to third parties or entities. 
These conditions are also applicable to graphics or designs that appear on this website that are owned by companies that collaborate with Sendaviva, unless specified otherwise.
The alteration of this website by the user, which may affect its contents, such as links or similar, is strictly forbidden.
Sendaviva ensures that the contents of this website are not pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or defamatory in nature, and that they do not encourage violence. Likewise it strives to avoid any circumstance that may be damaging to users.
8.  Protection of personal data (privacy policy)
In compliance with that stipulated in the Organic Act 15/1999, 13th December governing the Protection of Personal Data, SENDAVIVA notifies that: The personal data collected will be included in a file under its responsibility, with the aim of implementing a correct development, completion and management of service provision, or of the product requested, as well as any aspect related to your relationship with SENDAVIVA.  Your information will be communicated to all entities in the circuit of SENDAVIVA agencies, to provide an integral and offshore service. In all cases, SENDAVIVA will respect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and commits to use it in accordance with the purpose described here, as well as to comply with all legal requirements established to these effects.
This website allows users to subscribe to our publications, engage third parties with its contents, make suggestions and contact us.  In any case, if users provide their personal data with this purpose, SENDAVIVA will handle it to meet their request.
In any case, at any time, users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose this, by contacting Sendaviva.
9.  Links or hypertext links
No third party may establish a framing relationship between its website and this website.
In the event that this website may contain links or hyperlinks to other portals or websites that are not managed by Sendaviva, this company declares that is has no control over those portals or websites, nor is it responsible for the contents therein. The links that this website may contain will only offer references for informative purposes, with no kind of assessment of the contents, owners, services or products offered therein.
In any case, Sendaviva declines all responsibility in regards to the services provided by these third parties in the event of any complaint of any kind, and demands that may be lodged in relation to the aforementioned.
10.  Invalidity and ineffectiveness of the clauses
If any clause from these General Conditions governing browsing and the use of this website were to be declared completely or partially invalid, it would only affect that specific disposition or part of it that is invalid or ineffective, with subsistence of all the other remaining general conditions. This condition or part thereof that is considered affected will be removed, except for if, as an essential part of these general conditions, they have to be integrally affected.

11.  Applicable law and jurisdiction
These General Conditions of use and navigation of the websitewww.sendaviva.com as well as any relationship between the user and Sendaviva are subject to Spanish legislation.
Any dispute arising from the existence or contents of these General Conditions or relationships between the user and Sendaviva are subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the legally corresponding Courts and Tribunals.
12.  Cookies Policy
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What are cookies?
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Cookies are essential for the correct operation of a Web Portal. Cookies cannot damage your equipment. Please be aware that cookies cannot read information stored on your computer.
What kind of cookies does this Web Portal use?
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